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An exclusive chance to view and experience the Miami Supercar Rooms legendary dinner shows.

Surrounded by an eruption of vehicles with unique stories and cars not seen on regular roads. Miami Supercar Rooms presents 'ART, Supercars and Dinner' an evening combining the best of Art, curated Supercar Rooms experience with the sensory overload of a dinner menu* selected and executed in true Miami style!

*Dinner will be showcased in a central location for all diners to experience see and interact with the chef.

Parties will be seated in groups of 2, 4 or 6.

Dinner will start at 7.30pm


Please note: *We are unable to cater for any food sensitivities or allergies as the menu is a set menu. No substitutions can be accommodated.

The location changes vehicles on a regular basis and the image shown here is an example of the variety of vehicles that will be on display.