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MARCH 5-6, 2022

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Project M Ferrari 308 Restomod
by Automobili Maggiore

Owner: Gianluca Magiorre

Valued: starting from $350,000

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The Maggiore Project M, designed and created by Maggiore, will be produced in limited numbers and each model will be completed following the specifics provided by each client, making each product truly unique.

The car’s body was completely redesigned and built of carbon fiber, the engine is tuned-up to 400hp, the racing suspension is completely new and adjustable, and the brake system uses Brembo components.

Gianluca Maggiore, the founder of Automobili Maggiore and creator of the Project M, set his sights on the Ferrari 308, the iconic car of his childhood; the legendary vehicle was often featured in the top-ranked 1980s TV series Magnum P.I. Later, the 308 was slightly overshadowed by its limited edition version: the prestigious 288 GTO. But, nevertheless, the car remains one of the most remarkable Ferraris ever made.

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For further information 


USA contact

+1 321-499-5086


instagram: @automobili.maggiore


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